Welcome to the Stallard Family Web Pages

These pages are set up for the Stallard Family to keep in contact with each other. That being said, the Stallard Family is huge, and the subset specifically focused on at this point are those descended from Don and Betty Stallard of Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania. If you related, however, and you would like to join in, you likely won’t be turned down.

Inside you will find photo galleries, forums, blogs, and other tools useful for keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on in the family. Feel free to register and participate in the discussion.

In the past, StallardFamily.org has been hosted on various Open Source CMS systems. Unfortunately, they have often had flaws which allowed spammers to take over the system and use it for link generation. I am trying something new one more time before I wind up writing something myself, so we’ll see how it goes. I apologize for hassles involved in registering, but it is there to improve everyones experience.

In order to register or if you run into difficulty, please contact Jeremy Stallard through email at jeremy@stallardfamily.org