Annie Lee Jordan  ‎(I125947)‎
Surname: Jordan
Given Names: Annie Lee

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Milltown, Ala
Death: 1955/56 (1956) Biloxi, Miss
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Milltown, Ala

Death 1955/56 (1956) Biloxi, Miss

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Immediate Family  (F45702)
Thomas C Greene
Irwin Wilson Greene Sr
1889 - 1942

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Close Relatives
Family with Thomas C Greene
Thomas C Greene ‎(I125946)‎
Birth N.C.
Annie Lee Jordan ‎(I125947)‎
Birth Milltown, Ala
Death 1955/56 (1956) Biloxi, Miss
Irwin Wilson Greene Sr ‎(I125943)‎
Birth 28 January 1889 Huntsville, Ala
Death 6 May 1942 ‎(Age 53)‎ Galveston, Texas